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The mission is named the SSO-A Smallsat Express was executed by Spaceflight, a rideshare and mission administration supplier based mostly in Seattle, Wash. The launch was a landmark for Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX which had 19 rocket launches in 2018 alone. The estimated cost of this Falcon 9 rocket is roughly $sixty two million. The rocket has 60 satellites with every one going separate methods. On April 22, 2020, SpaceX launched their seventh constellation of 60 satellites, boosting the StarLink constellation to a complete of 420 satellites in low Earth orbit.

Among a number of other functions, they can be used to make star maps and maps of planetary surfaces, and also take footage of planets they are launched into. Common types embody military and civilian Earth observation satellites, communications satellites, navigation satellites, climate satellites, and space telescopes. Space stations and human spacecraft in orbit are additionally satellites.

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It has the capability payload of 800 kilograms for orbital missions that may last a maximum of two months. SpaceX was scheduled to launch a multiple satellite tv for pc mission on 28 November 2018 from the United States Vandenberg Air Force Base after an …