Artificial Christmas Trees For Sale At Portland Fir

Portland Fir’s white artificial Christmas tree is one of many high quality artificial Christmas trees listed on their website, PF’s Winter Wonderland is one of their best sellers in the Christmas season, and it is not difficult to see why! Their white artificial Christmas tree comes with a mix of 150 different crafted decorations and 400 clear LED Christmas lights. This particular artificial Christmas tree is ready to dress, meaning customers can add their own take on how they would like their Christmas tree finished. Pick from clear gemmed snowflakes, white bows and silver poinsettias to add depth and texture to your captivating Christmas tree this year, sure to compliment your interior and wow the whole family.

Portland Fir’s white artificial Christmas tree is 8ft in size and 142cm in width, with 1172 soft luxury traditional tips. A great feature of Portland Fir’s white artificial Christmas tree is that it comes with hinged branches for easy assembly, this means it won’t take much time before you are dressing your beautiful tree ready for presents to be stored beneath! This artificial Christmas tree also comes with a premium metal stand with scratch proof rubber feet to ensure in the event of moving this artificial Christmas tree, it will not damage your flooring.

Portland Fir’s white artificial Christmas tree also has two tones of green for added realism, a remarkable tree, perfect for the Christmas season. A great feature of Portland Fir’s artificial Christmas trees is that they’re made to last, longevity is a key element within the craft of these trees, so if you’re looking to purchase a tree for this Christmas and years to come, look no further! Another great feature of Portland Fir’s white artificial Christmas tree is that it’s also flame retardant to minimize any risks taking place.

Shop with Portland Fir this Christmas, you’ll surprise yourself browsing their website, there are so many different bespoke artificial Christmas trees to choose from, from ready to dress, pre lit, in a range of different exquisite colours, different beautifully crafted decorations and much much more. With over 20 years experience, Portland Fir specialise in creating these amazing artificial Christmas trees for their customers, you will be spoilt for choice when you visit their website and I’m sure you will not be disappointed when picking out your artificial Christmas tree with Portland Fir this year.