A beginner’s guide to iOS and Android-based phones

Mobile technology these days is hinged on the apple and android operating systems. These operating systems are the basis of smartphones and even tablets. Various us-reviews.com articles have shown how these smartphones work for our convenience.

The android OS is more versatile and used by many devices, its interface and features are even considered alike with a PC. IOS, on the other hand, is more biased and can be used only on Apple devices, although they are still considered very user-friendly.

Android OS

Initially released in 2008, this OS has different developers with its most prominent one being Google. It is currently available for use on several smartphones and tablets with manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, and many others.

With the most recent update release as Android 11, android has flexibility as its most adored feature. File transfer on these devices is relatively easy as there can be easy transfer with USB port cables. There are about 40 languages available on this OS and it has a virtual assistant known as the Google assistant.

There is a file manager that helps with organising your data on the phone and there are apps available to automatically back up data on the device.

The play store app has over 2 million apps available for download and it also has the option of downloading apps from other stores asides from the Google play store with little fear of virus attacks. Android belongs to the OS family ‘Linux, it has the touchscreen interface and has the widget option available except on the lock screen.

US internet services online reviews says that there is unlimited access and complete control over your smartphone and the bootloader can be easily unlocked. Security features are constantly updated to assure users of no breach in their data.

Apple iOS

Initially released in 2007, this iOS has Apple Inc as its sole developer and its latest update release being iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1. It belongs to the OS family OS X, UNIX.

Unlike Android, iOS is a bit more limited in its functions because it serves only apple products. This allows for more concentration on what will suit the device only. There are about 40 languages available on this OS with its virtual assistant known as Siri. Downloads are not allowed from other stores asides the official apple store.

These are a few out of the differences between the two devices. It is best to make your decision after careful consideration as constant switching between the two systems might get tiring after a while. This is because they make use of different app stores so you will be required to constantly get apps on these app stores, depending on the device, and even have to pay for them in some cases.

Generally, the android operating system is currently the most used OS in the world today due to its high versatility rate.