How Shopify agency can help your business grow?

Brand Active is a Polish eCommerce agency that provides a comprehensive range of services for online stores. The main partner of the agency is Shopify – one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms that is based in Canada and operates in 175 different countries all over the world.

Integration of Shopify store

The main aim of Brand Active is to adjust online stores to the Shopify ecosystem. It involves many different activities and shows how broad is the field of Brand Active’s expertise and how advanced is the know-how of its Shopify experts. As the main goal of the agency is the development of eCommerce businesses, it is successfully adopting Shopify platform to the increasingly dynamic needs of the market.

Excellently designed Shopify app store

The thing that stands out in the online stores that implemented Shopify tools is excellent UX design. The layout of Shopify apps is always adjusted to the global trends or even excels in setting those very trends. Online stores with Shopify payments always have an attractive interface that makes the entire shopping process more satisfactory and encourages repeat purchases.

Team of Shopify experts

Brand Active’s experienced team ensures its partners that they stay ahead of the competitors. Paying attention to design details and taking advantage of the very best technology results with smooth user experience that translates into strong conversion rate and increased sales. In addition, Shopify marketing allows partners to increase migration and traffic in the brand new store.

Successful service partners

The portfolio of Brand Active is quite impressive. Among the biggest brands that decided to cooperate with the Ahopify Plus Agency agency as a Shopify plus partner are Decathlon – a sporting goods retailer, La Perla – one of the most popular aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland, and Lestello – a leading manufacturer of cereal products. All of these brands and retailers received services that were suited to their needs and adjusted to the specifics of the business.

Decathlon – a case study of Shopify store

Brand Active’s expertise can be excellently demonstrated by an exemplary case study. The agency designed a solution that allows Decathlon customers for the rent and test of sports equipment before purchasing. It is also worth mentioning that the agency continues to support their clients in further development, so that they can keep up with the dynamic environment of eCommerce business.