Dedicated Camera  Versus Mobile Cameras: Pro and Cons

With fast technology, we no longer need to carry around huge cameras and pay for photography. You only need to have is a smartphone and in a matter of minutes, you can have your picture uploaded online for your friends and family to view.

Regular cameras in this case will cover digital cameras, film cameras, action cameras, Mirrorless, and 360 cameras. In other words, a camera that is not embodied within a phone.

All these types of cameras can be purchased online. However, just to be cautious that you are getting what you’re paying for it is important that you read online cameras stores reviews at

Nonetheless, the questions still remain the same, can modern mobile cameras completely outdo regular cameras?

In this article, we shall attempt to answer that by laying down the pros and cons of modern cameras versus the pros and cons of regular cameras and finally concluding on the same.

Pros of modern cameras

1.   Ease of use 

The biggest pro of modern cameras is how easy it is to operate. You don’t have to have gone to a photography class to know how to take a professional-looking photo using your phone.

There are fewer instructions needed and in just a matter of minutes you can take, edit and send not only pictures but also videos.

2.   Lightweight

Compared to regular cameras, modern mobile cameras are lightweight and can fit easily in your pocket. Don’t we all want a camera that is slim and handy?

3.   Convenience

With a mobile camera, everything is in one place. You don’t have to transfer the picture to a computer in order to upload or send it somewhere.

A mobile phone provides for many services within one gadget. It is therefore flexible and convenient for daily use.

Cons of modern mobile cameras

1.   Reduced quality

Honestly speaking many phones’ camera quality cannot match up to one from a regular camera.

Of course, there are some phone brands that try to manufacture phones with high picture and video quality but are priced extremely high for any regular person to afford.

Even so, the options you get are pretty limited and there’s not much you can do with it.

2.   Less creative photography

The downside of modern mobile cameras is that it has limited options for creative photography.

The speeds and resolutions are much lower than regular cameras. With creative photography, you want a camera that can accommodate extra elements like reflective indexes and exposure.

Pros of regular cameras

1.   More detailed

Regular cameras have high-resolution powers which make images taken from them more detailed than from one smartphone.

Pictures from regular cameras appear to be more

2.   Wide range of lens options

One thing about regular cameras is that they support interchangeable lenses. With interchangeable lenses, you can capture a wide range of captures.

Phones have fixed lenses and they pretty much take mid-range photos.

3.   High sensors

Dedicated cameras have high sensors which contribute to cleaner images.

High sensors together with interchangeable lenses contribute to great optical quality compared to pictures from a mobile phone’s camera.

Cons of regular cameras

1.   Technical/ Difficult to operate

Getting a cinematic look from a regular camera requires some level of expertise. Choosing the right camera and the correct type of lens to use is not easy.

Putting all those photographic techniques together to create something beautiful requires effort, unlike a quick snap from your mobile phone.

2.   Heavy

Another disadvantage of using regular cameras is that they’re pretty heavy and are not convenient for everyday carry.

3.   Prone to failure

A simple corrupted hard disk or damage to a hard disk/memory card may cause you to lose all your photos. You may also forget to backup your pictures after loading them in your computer.

Unstable or unreliable batteries are another big disadvantage of using cameras.

4.   Very expensive

A good reliable camera may cost up to £2000. To a lot of people, it may sound like a lot of money to get a camera when you can get good images from a standard mobile phone.


There is no straight answer to what option is the best. Both have huge advantages and disadvantages of their own.

However, if you want a camera for your daily pictures and videos a modern mobile camera will work efficiently.

On the other hand, if you want to explore creative photography and production, a regular camera is the best option.