Substances in Marijuana Claimed Useful for People with Psychosis

The components that don’t cause opium in Medical Marijuana can actually be used in patients who experience psychosis. At least, researchers from the UK have found a way to decipher these substances.

Launching from the New York Post on Thursday (08/30/2018), they outlined the components of marijuana that are not intoxicating to work in the main brain area and reduce abnormal activity in patients at risk for psychosis. They claim these ingredients can become anti-psychotic drugs in the future. There is no doubt that now many countries have legalized marijuana even for Recreational Marijuana purposes.

Psychosis itself is a mental health disorder, which causes a person to perceive and interpret many things in an unusual way. They can also show symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions.

Regular use of marijuana with strong doses can increase a person developing psychosis. However, cannabidiol or CBD seems to have the opposite effect.

Previous research at King’s College London showed that the CBD showed resistance to the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, substances in marijuana that make people drunk. However, how this can happen is a mystery.

No side effects

By asking for the brains of 33 young people who have psychotic symptoms, but …

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