10 Considerations in Choosing the Right School for Children

School is the most important place for children’s development. Parents are the main actors, but parents will only educate children when in the scope of the house. While children learn not always inside the home, but also outside the home, in the community, and at school. Thus, the development and growth of children will be equipped with appropriate spices.

To send children to school, parents must choose the best school. Starting at the age of 3 years children are now starting schooled, which is entered into Playgroup. Then gradually according to his age until entering formal education. If you are looking for the best elementary school for your children, just visit https://www.standrewssathorn.com/.

Here are 10 tips for choosing the best school for children:

  1. Looking for as much information about some school references for children. Information can be obtained from the internet, newspapers, brochures, and or by word of mouth.
  2. Paying attention to the quality of the teacher. This is important because teachers for children in preschool will be different from teachers in formal schools (from primary to secondary schools). Teachers in preschool must have extra patience in teaching their students. His educational qualifications must also be considered. The teacher must have an undergraduate education in accordance with the level of education being taught.
  3. Choose a school that has extracurricular activities as a place for self-development for children while at school. Children can choose extracurricular based on their talents and interests.
  4. Make sure parents choose a school that is adjusted to their financial capabilities. We can find information about the monthly tuition fees and other costs. Do not let the prestige choose a superior and most expensive school but it burdens and the child does not develop.
  5. Encourage children when conducting a school survey. This will make the child also make their own choices in addition to the decisions of parents. It will be equally delicious because it’s fit. If a child has to be forced it is not good for his development because he does not like the place of learning.
  6. Choose a school that has good classroom management in one class, there are at least 10-15 students for 1 teacher. That’s for preschool. Whereas for formal schools there are at least 20 students in one class. Make sure that the selected school does not have too many students in one class, because it will disturb the child in his concentration of learning.
  7. Choosing a school for children can consider the type of school. Will be entered into public schools, public-private, religious private, boarding schools, or international level schools. Choose based on the child’s will and ability.
  8. Choose a school whose location or location is not far from home. Children will be lazy to go to school because of the distance between schools and cause them to be tired. His free time to relax becomes less.
  9. Choose a school that has a supportive environment, which is safe from the crowds of highways or crowds of street vendors. This will disturb the child’s concentration.
  10. Parents must choose the school according to the child’s needs. Make sure what children need is available at the school we choose.

Children’s education will be maximized if the school choosing strategy implemented by parents is appropriate. Do not force children to follow the wishes of parents. Give children freedom of choice and determination.